Halloween suggestions

Hi there,
We are arriving 10/30 and looking to do something with a halloween theme on arrival night. Does anyone know if Fort Wilderness is doing the golf cart parade or anything else this year? If we aren’t staying at Ft. Wilderness can we still check out the decorated campsites or is this not allowed during Covid? We will be in MK all day on Halloween (but are not doing the Boo Bash because it’s too expensive IMO) so we are hoping to do something a bit festive for the kids (age 8 and 10). If we can’t find anything, we will probably just walk through Disney Springs. Thanks!

We were there Halloween 2019 and in the same situation. At that time only campground “residents” were allowed for the golf cart parade and trick or treat at the campground. But, each resort will have its own Halloween Activities going on, some of which include trick or treat for the kids, and those are open to anyone. We ended up spending the evening st Wilderness Lodge having the Snow White dinner and then trick or treating around the resort.