Halloween Party vs Christmas Party

I couldn’t find anything online and was curious if anyone knew or had any thoughts on this topic.
This year we went to both the Halloween and Christmas parties for the first time. We had a blast at both, but in planning our fall 2020 trip were on the fence on which we should plan for and ultimately decided on November and going to the Christmas party.
I felt that the halloween party seemed a little more chaotic and crowded (neither party that we attended was sold out) - do they sell the same number or similar tickets for both seasonal parties? Has anyone else had a similar or opposite experience?

I’ve been to both and just prefer the mood of the Christmas party and always hoping it will be a bit cooler although I hear this year has been hot.

DH and I went to both this year. It was our first time at each. We liked the Halloween one more because we thought the parade was more unique, we liked the Hocus Pocus castle show, and it was fun to see adults and families dressed up in costumes. Many were in costumes, only a few people were in Christmas pajamas (and the pajamas rarely impressed us).