Halloween party things to bring question

Should we bring our own treat bags or does the party supply them? Thanks!

They supply a little bag to everyone at the start of the party, and they won’t hold a whole lot. You can certainly bring your own though. What I ended up doing was using the treat bag they supplied and then just constantly emptying it into my backpack.

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thank you!

There are large gift-bag size (maybe 12x12ish, even slightly larger) available for purchase at some of the shops. They are very affordable. We bought each kiddo one in 2017 and they used them both last year and this. Worth having as the bags they provide are tiny in comparison to the amount of candy you will get by trick or treating.

You could also buy a reusable bag before traveling.


I carried a cinch type backpack and filled it. When the small bag filled, I dumped it into the cinch bag.