Halloween Party Magic Shots- Timing

Can you get Magic Shots done before the Halloween party starts at 7pm?
Can you get all the shots done at once? Are the lines long for them?

When I have been at the party, the special shots have been located throughout the park. The lines have been long but have moved quickly.

Any tips about the party?

I think you have to decide what your priorities are. Do you want to meet rare characters? Do all the magic shots? Trick or treat? Attractions? You can’t do it all! I love the parade and fireworks.

If we enter earlier than 7pm, like around 6pm, we can enter through the special party entrance and take magic shots or the special stuff really only starts at 7pm?
Any idea until what time we can exchange teal tokens?

You can enter at 4 and enter the back area (behind Main Street ). There might be a magic shot but I am unsure. There are some holiday displays, trick or treat bags and a “candy starter pack), it is about an 200 yard area that leads to the area near Tomorrowland .

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Is this a typo?

The teal allergy tokens instead of candy.

Sorry, I didn’t get that! I am unsure! I suspect after 7 but I am not sure. I remember hearing about a change this year but I can’t remember what it was!

My brain automatically went to the DVC member parties and meal vouchers!

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I believe until the end of the party, but @JJT reported that later in the party there was not much to choose from. I know he had some specific advice for redeeming teal tokens.

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Thank you. For the headless horseman magic shot, do you have to step outside the park to the entrance?

You can exchange tokens all the way to the end of the party, but they start running out of items some time around 10PM or so. (Chocolate seems to go first - and that was our kids’ favorite since they could never eat any they had gotten Trick or Treating at home!)
We tried one last run out of curiosity on the way out of the park at end of party and they had packed up most of what was left, so only Go Go Squeezes left.

I think the best teal token strategy is this: Go through a couple of lines and get a few tokens early then trade those in as soon as it works in your plan. I suggest you only turn in about 2 or 3 tokens at a time - handing over more will not get you more candy.

Although it is a bit time consuming to run through the candy lines and then have to head over to the redemption points, after just 2 or 3 rounds our family of 4 had an almost full backpack of candy. We just tried to hand in tokens as we walked past Liberty Square on the way to other things.

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