Halloween Party - how does it work?

Hi - I’ve just noticed that our last day in the park is 2 Sept which is also the first day of the MNSSHP. I don’t intend to buy tickets for the event. How does it impact on timings in MK ? When and how will we be asked to leave ?

You’ll be asked to leave by 7pm. You won’t be able to stick around without a wristband.


Party guests start arriving at 4:00, so it can get busy between 4-7. They may start moving non- party guests towards the front of the park a little after 6:00. You really most likely do not want to be in the park at that time.

Be aware that if you are still in the park at 7 pm you will be refused access to bathrooms and not be allowed to buy anything in park including bottles of water or merchandise.

What? Disney stands guard by bathrooms?!

Just in case you hide in them?! Lol :joy: