Halloween Party Costume suggestions?

I would love to do a family costume for the Halloween party. We are in August, so it will be very hot. I am not very crafty and hoping to do it on a budget since the party and trip are pretty pricey. Does anyone have ideas? It will be my husband, me, two sons (ages 13 and 15) they are pretty good sports and still love Halloween. My mom and sister are coming, but not sure if they are dressing up.

We go in August as well and it is very hot. We wear matching Disney type Halloween shirts from Etsy.

We did Big Bad Wolf and three little pigs. Hubby wore brown shorts and t-shirt. Me, DS13, and DD10 wore pink t-shirts. Bought tails and ears for each of us online and face paint sticks. At dinner we put on ears and tails and painted pig noses on our faces. Small, packable, cool, very cheap. If you want to spend a little $$ and have a more professional look I’m sure the face paint booths could improvise.

We are going mid-October and plan on wearing matching t-shirts/mickey ears to the party!