Halloween Party AND Dessert Party?

Has anyone ever splurged on the Dessert Party during the MNSSHP? It’s a lot of extra cash to dish out, so I’m questioning if I think it’s worth it. It’s also ALOT of time out of the evening where we could be rushing to meet rare characters. What are everyone’s thoughts on this?

I’m contemplating doing the same thing for MVMCP. The thought of the time spent to line up early for prime viewing of fireworks (we will have a toddler) make spending the extra $ more appealing. We aren’t as into seeing all of the characters so not as concerned about missing out on that. Can’t wait to see what people have to say!

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I haven’t done the dessert party during MNSSHP, but wanted to give a little perspective on when the dessert party is a good idea in my opinion.
We went to 3 MNSSHP’s last year in October, on a Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. We watched the parade and fireworks during 2 of the 3 parties and had great views (from the Hub for the fireworks, and in Town Square for the parade). We did not find our spots particularly early, and yet had great views. The parties are just not that crowded compared to the nights there is no party and the masses want to watch HEA fireworks. Now if you are going to MK on a rare night in the fall that does not have a Halloween party, the amount of people who want to see HEA will be completely crazy and overwhelming. This is when the dessert party is an excellent idea. We go in April and I have never regretted paying for the dessert party during spring break crowds. Personally I think the extra cost of the dessert party on top of MNSSHP tickets (and probably regular park tickets for the rest of the trip) is just too much for one day. Also the time at MNSSHP is so limited, I would not want to take up 90 minutes of it with a dessert party. Time flies by so fast! We went to 3 parties in order to do everything we wanted including pictures with the 7 Dwarves one night, pictures with Jack & Sally another, plus many more characters and all the magic shots. Just wanted to give you my perspective!


This is EXACTLY what I was thinking, and wasn’t sure if the Halloween fireworks were as busy as HEA. Thank you so much! Our plan is to do 2 parties and just go for a long weekend mid-September. We arrive on a Friday, and there is a MNSSHP that night. Then 2 days in the parks, Epcot and HS on Saturday, then AK and MK on Sunday with a Sunday evening MNSSHP, then fly home Monday evening and go to Springs before our flight and swim at the resort.

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You are welcome! We loved the parties, so much fun!

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We did the double header last fall and would do it again.

We arrived late afternoon and used the MNSSHP to avoid burning one of our Park Passes and were able to get into the MK at 4:00 PM. Because we were a bit time limited we booked the desert party to avoid having to spend time staking out a spot for the fireworks.

There is no need to let the desert party take up 90 min. At the terrace, when you sign in to the party and get your tickets, you can reserve a table. You can come back to that table anytime you like prior to the fireworks show. The view of the fireworks was great, the deserts were good and we didn’t feel like sardines in a can.

One thing I overlooked when planning … Tinkerbell does NOT fly during the MNSSHP fireworks show.

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What was your role-call of characters? There are so many rare ones, I don’t know if we can do all the ones we want to in 2 nights. I want to meet the 7 Dwarfs, Jack & Sally, Jafar, Genie, Abu, Cruella, Queen of Hearts (praying for Tweedles), Hatter, Lady Tremaine, Lotso, Tarzan, Moana, Brer Rabbit, and still are the Monster’s Inc show and the Hocus Pocus show. I don’t even know if all those characters will even be there but I’ve seen photos of them in the past. Fingers crossed!

I am not a huge fan of meeting characters so was only willing to wait for a few. My one friend is obsessed with meeting characters, so she saw a lot more than I did. The first night we were first in line for Winnie the Pooh and friends, and then met Daisy and Donald Duck. She took off and saw many others, while my one friend and I did other stuff.
The second night we were first in line for the 7 Dwarves, and then met Cruella. Again, 1 friend and I did other stuff while 2 others met more characters. I am on the right.

The final night we were in costume- Queen of Hearts, Alice, Mad Hatter, and a Tweedle. We were first in line (again, are you sensing a theme here) to meet Jack & Sally, The next was first for Queen of Hearts and the Tweedles, then Alice and the Mad Hatter. I am the Queen of Hearts:

My friend that planned when to meet which character used Kenny the Pirates suggestions for how to meet the most. In 3 nights, she met just about all of them but she was on a mission! We did wait for 7 Dwarves and J&S for awhile, but all of the waiting was done before the party officially started. The Dwarves came out at 6:15 and Jack & Sally at 5:00 based on my photopass timestamps. My advice to you is do these first on separate nights. After J&S we were the first to see QOH, they came out right at 7.
The Hocus Pocus show was great, as were the fireworks. Monsters Inc dance party was fun too. The parade is kind of the highlight for me. I could have met many more characters, but my priorities were the magic shots, the parade, and the fireworks.

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I decided that for us the dessert party makes sense on a night showing HEA but not on a party night. And since we would be doing the HEA dessert party the night before I can’t justify a dessert party 2 nights in a row. (Plus we gave up a dinner to cover the dessert party cost and I don’t want to drop another meal for a second dessert party).

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