Halloween Parties canceled that's my deal breaker

I rescheduled my May trip for September but with MNSSHP along with everything else that is canceled is the deal breaker for me😭 It’s so expensive to go and I don’t think it’s worth it. So sad.


I’m seeing MNSSHP on the calendar in September. MK 7-12pm.
What date are you looking at?

Disney just announced today that they are cancelled. They just have not taken it off the calendar yet.


DD11 cried this morning when I told her. Our trip starts 10/31 and MNSSHP was our kick-off event. She decided months ago that I would be Lilo to her Stitch. Rented points so still going but this was a real hit for us, even if not completely unexpected. (And since we’re there during regular trick-or-treat she’s feeling doubly affected because no candy or costumes at all this year)

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The last time we attended a Halloween party (2018) it was SO crowded we said never again. So, I’m sorry you are sad. I will enjoy the decorations, if I get a chance to be there.

Awww that is so sad.Sorry I feel like crying too! :sob:

I spent last Halloween at WDW with my DD’s. We spent Halloween evening having an early dinner with the wicked queen at Artist Point and then the girls put on their Halloween costumes and they trick-or-treated around the Wilderness Lodge common areas. There were maybe 8-10 candy stops and they made a decent haul. There weren’t a lot of trick or treaters there. Not sure if resort activities will be going on this Halloween but it would be worth looking into. Also if you happen to be staying at Ft Wilderness they have big goings-on there for Halloween but only for guests staying there.


We did Halloween festivities at CBR last year. Camp fire, crafts, games, dj, dancing, trick or treating and even a few character visits! My 3 kids had more fun at the resort then at MNSSHP we had gone to the weekend before. There is def more fun to be had then the party :wink:

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Do all resorts have Halloween parties for resort guests? I’m considering going during Halloween in a few years but didn’t want to do the MK party. What you’re describing sounds perfect!

All resorts normally have special activities scheduled for Halloween day. You can do a google search of past resort activity calendars for october. They list they activities that they will do. That can give you an idea of what to expect (in normal conditions obviously) for your particular resort.
Edited to add: see if this link works http://www.orlandoparksnews.com/2019/10/walt-disney-world-resort-recreation.html?m=1

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i’m sure you can still make it fun! bring the costumes, dress up and get some halloween decorations to bring :slight_smile: