Halloween night at WDW

Hi everyone,
I’m taking my 2 girls (2 and 6) to WDW over Halloween this year, staying at Pop. We might do MNSSHP on 11/01 but trying to avoid crazy crowded party on 10/31. Any ideas what else is available to do to celebrate on Halloween?

Not sure if other resorts do anything, but the Boardwalk has Halloween festivities. I haven’t been, but plan to this year.


You know it is pretty expensive to attend MNSSHP especially the later you go. The decorations are always there so there is a Halloween atmosphere. The party starts at around 7 and lasts till about midnight. Your kids seem a little young for that sort of thing but every kid is different. The closer you get to Halloween the more crowded it gets. Trick or Treat may be fun for your kids as they will get a ton of candy. Personally I didn’t think it was worth the cost and I could find better things to spend my money on but that’s me. :japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre::imp:

Most of the resorts do some sort of trick or treating, I think. WL did.

We will be there that night too!

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Thanks for the tips! We will look for Pop’s programming, trick or treat there might be perfect. I wonder if you can go to any resort or just your own? Like if we were at Epcot or HS could we walk over to Boardwalk for their festivities? I know the party sounds late for a 2 year old but believe it or not she kept going all the way til midnight at MVMCP last year. Had a good nap before. As for the cost, this is our last chance to get the little one in free as she turns 3 the following week, so might as well live it up right?