Halloween Horror Nights - Do they still sell Stay and Scream tickets?

I remember going years ago and purchasing a stay and scream ticket. I read on touringplans that if you have a basic HHN ticket and a park ticket, that IS stay and scream, so I am confused.

I am waiting to see anything offered, but if they do not even offer a discounted stay and scream ticket, I’ll just get the buy 1 get 1 offered now (even though I really have no plans on going a 2nd day. It would be just a “nice to have”, if no discounted stay and scream tickets are being offered)



Thanks! I guess my question would then be, do they offer a little discount when you purchase a park ticket and an HHN ticket for the same day? (which was previously called “stay and scream”)

Or would that HHN ticket cost the same as purchasing a ticket now with the “get an extra day free” deal?