Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Hi All! We did our first HHN this year and had a BLAST. Looking to do the same next year, but would like to do a combined Disney / Universal trip. I know it’s a guess but I have been able to figure out the last two HHNs started the first weekend in Sept. Was hoping to do this trip starting Labor Day weekend. Any thoughts on when it might start next year? I would be patient and wait, but wanting to book Disney with DVC points at the 7 month mark and not sure I would be able to adjust! Hoping maybe some of the Universal pros have any thoughts?

The past few years that I’ve done it or followed it, it’s always the same day of the week if that makes sense. So if it’s on Tues/Th/Fri and Saturday of that week last year, it’ll be that way next year.

Agree with above…HHN is typically Wednesday-Sunday each week.

Right, the last 3 HHN’s started on the first Friday of September. (in 2019, it was actually the weekend after Labor Day) Next year, it would start Sept 1st if the pattern stays the same. The 1st weekday HHN would be Wed. the 6th or Thurs. the 7th.

All speculation of course.


Thanks! I understand the days it’s on. I am trying to take a guess as to what the opening day will be. I kept thinking it was the first weekend in Sept. but upon further research. It looks like opening day has started in mid Sept. our plan was to do universal/HHN Labor Day weekend and then I move to Disney. But not sure if that’s a safe bet.

Ok. Thanks. That’s what I am figuring. Based on popularity I am figuring it would Labor Day weekend or the weekend after for the starting date. Thoughts? Based on popularity I am guessing they will continue with the extended timeframe and not start mid Sept again. I wish they would announce all this stuff way in advance so people could plan.

They’ll announce it in the spring…follow their twitter page.


Yeah I would lean toward the 1st over the 8th.


Thanks! I want to book DVC and would need to do it in early Feb. I know it’s a crap shoot, but was hoping to get others best guesses for the start date. I had just assumed it would be first weekend in Sept. but after researching see that might not be the case.

The schedule is a bit of a question mark at this point, because they do it for the same number of nights each year, but given that Halloween is on Tuesday (not a usual HHN night) this year is hard to know whether it will end on Halloween or maybe start later and finish out the week. In 2018 Halloween was Wednesday and they stared later and finished out the week. This year Halloween was on Monday (which is normally not an HHN night) and they started early and just had it that night and that was the end.


Yeah I’d be hopeful it starts Sept 1 but be prepared for a start on Sept 8, too. They were going to announce the dates back with Chucky but that was pulled at the last minute.

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