Halloween & Halloween week

Tell me all about Disney on Halloween. We would be there for the whole week & we hope to get party tickets. Crowd calendar shows it’s a great time to go. Will I see a huge difference in crowds that week vs. Columbus Day week, which is earlier in October? I had thought that my son wouldn’t want to miss Halloween at home but he said he thinks it would be amazing to be at Disney.

My and my little group went in 2014 during that week and found the crowds to be very manageable. We stayed at POP that year and Sailor Mickey and Minnie came to the poolside party on Halloween. There were games with little prizes set up and a dance party. We’re going back this year but flying home Halloween day and also hope to get tickets to MNSSHP! Have a wonderful time!

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I love the decorations at MK during the Halloween season, which starts in September and lasts until the first day or two of November, when Christmas starts. :open_mouth:

Watch for MNSSHP = Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. On those nights, typically 3 or so nights per week, Magic Kingdom will close early, and only those people who bought party tickets will be allowed to stay. I don’t know how much they are now, but expect $50-60 range for each person. It will include unlimited trick or treating for top shelf candy. Not just on Halloween, but every party night.

We’ll be there the same week! I broke the news to my kids by telling them that they will not be able to go trick or treating… because we’ll be in Disney World. :smiley:

Originally, I had been planning on MNNSHP, but I think we’ll probably skip it. 7:00 closing time isn’t a big deal for us because my kids have a fairly early bed time anyway, so I think ending our day earlier on our MK days will be nice.

Right now I’m trying to figure Nov 1-2 out. The first (Tuesday) looks to be the busiest day all week for Epcot and HS. I’m leaning toward HS though.

Make sure not to delay in buying party tickets. Those dates close to Halloween WILL sell out. So grab them as soon as they are announced to get the party you want.

If you look at the actual crowd levels for disney last year oct columbus week vs last week, columbus week was much busier with some parks hitting actual crowd levels of 10. We were there the last week, 10/24-11/1. I thought crowds were very manageable. All the MNSSHP will sell out that week so it doesn’t matter what night you go since they cap crowds at the same number from what I understand. We followed the park recommendations from easywdw (which pretty much is just the theory of avoiding parks with EMH) and we thought crowds were decent. worst crowds were at MNSSHP (which we still loved every minute of ) and F&W at EP. even on a monday evening, we didn’t make it past mexico b/c the WS crowds were nuts. if F&W is a must for you, then definitely go during the day as soon as WS opens. let me know if you i can help in any other way.
the other thing about the parties, is that the MNSSHP on halloween will sell out early, so buy tickets for that night as soon as you are sure you want to be there that night. my kids missed halloween at home and loved doing it at disney. watching them trick or treat in MK was so special. I am really glad we did it!

Thank you all. These forums are the best ones I have seen. I sure do hope to get Halloween party tickets. If I ant get that night, then another night of that week is okay. I assume it’s more than 1 time that week???

The party will be offered multiple times that week, probably at least 3 times.