Halloween decor

So working based on the assumption that the scheduled hours for MK on 8/25 means that this is the first night on MNSSHP, would decorations be put up that day? That is the last night of our stay so just wondering if we will be able to see the normal MK at the beginning of our trip and then Halloween decor on that night. I guess this is a question for anyone who’s been on the first night of MNSSHP and seen when the change over occurs.

I looked at my pictures from last year and decorations began on Wednesday August 31st and the first party was Friday, September 12th.

Thanks. From what I’ve seen online the first party was sep 2nd. But either way that means decorations were up a few days in advance. Thanks for checking!

Well that is what I meant, someone changed my font…first party was that Friday the 2nd!

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