Halloween at Pop

Has anyone been at Pop on Halloween in the past? I will be there with DD’s 3 and 6, trying to decide between HDDR or 1900 PF that night or just being at the resort for festivities there. I know they would like to be able to trick or treat a little, but if what is available at Pop is minimal I wonder if we will be better off with HDDR or a character meal. We would be coming from MK due to party closing and going to MNSSHP the next day.

Here are the calendars for all of the resorts from last year! It looks like there is quite a bit to do at Pop! We are going to be at SSR for Halloween and took the whole day off so we could meet characters and Trick or Treat at the resort.

We were there last year on halloween & there were a ton of planned activities. We ended up trick or treating at Ft Wilderness though.

Can you do that if you are not staying there?

Yep! We ate dinner at Trails End, then trick or treated through several of the campsite loops. It was a BLAST! Everyone decorates & it’s like one big Halloween party. 100% will do it again if we are there at Halloween again.

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Thank you for the info link and suggestions, both are really good! Still can’t make up my mind though. I think I’ll defer until I can get the actual event schedule for this year at Pop. For now I’m holding 1900 Park Fare reservation and an HDDR reservation as alternatives. BoilerMomPharmD do you remember about what time the trick or treating was at Fort Wilderness?

I think it was at 8:00? Check out the Ft. Wilderness page on Disboards, there should be old schedules posted or old threads with the info!

To update…we ended up taking a boat ride from MK to an early dinner at Storybook Dining followed by trick-or-treating around the resort at WL. Worked out perfectly except for my daughter seeing the pool there and demanding to know why we couldn’t have stayed here instead…:joy:.