Hall of Presidents - Closed for Refurbishment

This is one of the reasons that the last closure was so ,long; the White House was very slow in responding to Disney’s requests, and Trump didn’t really want to do it at all. One story is that he finally agreed to do it because an aide told him that if he didn’t. he would just be a silent figure in the background and they would continue to use Obama’s speech…

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Smart. Lovers and haters of him can agree that there is no better way to motivate him than with that.


Story that Len and JIm told in the latest podcast was that the current president speech is drawn from his inauguration speech. Problem with the most recent president was he wanted to do an ad-lib speech, his preferred method of public speaking, as opposed to a scripted speech.

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I think for the most part it is kind of like Space Station Earth as it goes through time. I know Canada has the 360 film called Oh Canada and it should make all Canadians proud. The Hall of Presidents is our Proud and the history of our country. Morgan Freeman used to narrate a whole different program but when Trump was put in the whole program changed. Now Biden will give the inspirational speech and hopefully make us proud to be Americans and I hope Canada and other countries can also be proud of us again.

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Any rumored timelines for HOP returning to operation?


Don’t people make noise when a president from the ‘wrong’ side speaks? The change I’d like to see is those people being ejected from the park.
I’d like to watch it remembering that Lincoln’s grandson wept the first time he saw Lincoln’s statue.

I think in the recent posts “Partisan” was meant instead of “Political”.

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Really? I admit I’ve only seen it once - August 2020 - and everyone was respectful.

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I’ve never seen that either. I believe there was an incident just after it opened with Trump installed but that’s about it.

Well, that is good to know. It really ticked me off when I heard about it. I didn’t know who the crowd was being rude about.

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I get that people have strong feelings about politicians, particular the more recent ones, but I would hope on an average day, the people who choose to go to that kind of attraction can be mature enough to be respectful.


Or just stay out of it. Like I did for “a few years” :crazy_face:

Looking forward to it reopening.



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Totally appropriate option! I hope people don’t go to “hate watch” an attraction! :joy:

It isn’t the president that I didn’t care for but rather the new background and no Morgan Freeman.

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My issue is that Grover Cleveland is only announced once, even though the intro says “presidents” and not “people that have served as president”. These things bug me.


I confess I did strategically hold up my hand to block my view of … one of them. But it didn’t impede the enjoyment of other guests. And kept my blood pressure from skyrocketing. :crazy_face:


Good luck passing your Club 33 interview :wink:


When I was there, during the Trump administration, there were (civilised) cheers (and, I think, clapping) when Obama came on screen.

When Trump came on screen … there were (civilised) cheers (and, I think, clapping).

I had the sense that different people were involved each time.

There were no audible negative reactions.