Half Day Touring Plans

I’m wondering if anyone has any good half day touring plans. We will be staying a week, and wanted to do half day in one park and half in another. The touring plans I saw seemed to be for one time visits - I’m looking for something where the attractions are spread out over a couple days. Thank you!

For MK, I will usually make a half day TP for Fantasyland/Tomorrowland and one for Adventureland/Frontierland/Liberty Square.

For EP, One for FW and one for WS.

AK can split Africa/PlanetWatch/Discovery Island and Asia/DinoLand (or just do it in a half day).

HS is really a half day park (doesn’t have an Agent P or Wilderness Explorers thing to keep you busy).

One thing that really helps me with all the separate touring plans is to look at the TP attraction list as a guide. It will list what attractions are in what plan to make sure you didn’t miss any. (e.g. for MK: http://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/attractions). In an attraction, it will say ‘In plans:’ and list them. Also, I title my plans <AM/PM> to keep it straight.

Hope that helps!

Thank you. Very helpful. First trip and am feeling overwhelmed with planning…