Half day at Epcot

What would you do if you were planning a trip for someone who’s never been and they were going to have about a half day to spend at Epcot? Right now, I plan to have them arrive around 4PM and the park closes at 9:30PM (unless they extend the hours, it’s 12/26/19).

What is booked right now:

5:30PM Restaurant Marrakesh (Candlelight Processional Dining Package)
8:15PM Candlelight Processional
9:30PM Epcot Forever

So, they have a little time before the ADR, and maybe a little time before the CP. I’m assuming they’ll be done eating by 7PM and will use that time to wander around World Showcase a little on the way to CP. When CP is done, it will be about 9PM. Epcot Forever will be at 9:30PM, so they’ll be able to find a spot to watch the show.

What would you do before the dinner? I’m thinking Spaceship Earth. How do you go to Epcot and not go on Spaceship Earth?

What about Epcot Forever? Would you put that in the plan? Or go get in line for Soarin’ instead? I think they’ll be watching Jingle Bell Jingle Bam the night before, so it’s not like they won’t get a nighttime show.

EPCOT becomes a matter of preference.

Personally, I’d pick Soarin’ over Epcot Forever. But if one enjoys fireworks shows, then perhaps they would disagree.

Spaceship Earth seems like a must-do to me, especially considering it is about to be taken off line for a complete refurbishment ahead of the 50th anniversary.

Mission:Space and Test Track are definitely runners up, as would be Frozen.

I agree that it’s all about preferences. My family would choose rides on Soarin, Test Track, and Mission Space over any of the other options.

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