Half day at Epcot for first timers---what to eat?

Half day, rope drop until 2 PM. Would you say, get reservations or do quick service?

This is for a late summer reservation. I am traveling with someone whose never been there before.

I would watch for food and wine dates.


A half day isn’t nearly enough time to see and do Epcot properly. I wouldn’t want to cut into that already short time with a dining reservation.

What are you doing after 2?

Well its actually two of my older kids. They are flying home to go back to work. All they have is a half days. They could not get much time off. They have 2.5 days to see the Disney parks and one day to see Universal. Best we could do.

They’re in their late 20’s without a good vacation package lol

That is not an option.

Why is that not an option? You might be there during the festival?

I mean maybe. But I doubt it. Last years I guess started earlier. I just figured this year they would follow a more traditional path and the years leading up to this it didn’t start until the end of August. We would have missed it. But its a great idea. I’ll keep an eye out. The dates from what I have seen have not been released yet. It would be pretty boss if that was happening.

I have heard a few rumors that they might continue the one week between festivals but who knows?

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Yeah in that case I’d definitely not bother with a reservation. There are so many good booths and snacks and qs places around that it’s not worth the time suck. The only reservation that I think would be unique and entertaining enough to be worth it might be Biergarten, but I’d probably stick to qs to avoid being locked into a time.

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Where’s your other half of your day? Assuming no festivals I would have a granola bar or something to get you from RD to 10:30ish then get an assortment from Les Halles (and some champagne, but that’s just me) and eat an early lunch of baguette and pastries in France.

I’d eat at the various food booths.

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They are flying out that day.

I think that sounds like a great idea.