Half Day AK Plan?

Would love any thoughts and feedback on this for a half day at AK on a Sunday, probably getting to the park around midday / 1pm. 2 Adults and a 4 and 2 year old. Was thinking on using Genie +. Here’s the current thoughts

ILL FOP when it becomes available for around 3pm and do rider swap
Get a Genie for KS when it is showing times around 1pm
Genie for Nemo for 230pm Show when I can stack after the KS grab
Genie for Lion King 4pm Show when I can stack after the KS grab
Possibly Genie KRR / Everest as and when they become available

We might like to see Feathered Friends, in which case I was thinking trying for the 130pm show for that.

Rest of the time will be seeing animals / characters etc… and probably early dinner in Sau’tils or however you spell it!

Are your kids big enough for KRR and Everest? You can use single rider for Everest so no LL necessary. I never used FPs for shows. Someone else would have to chime in to see if its necessary. Personally, I don’t think you’d need Genie at AK for what you plan to do.


Are you staying onsite? If so, you can get your FOP ILL at 7:00 am, and you choose your return time. You do not have to wait for a 3pm to show up, like you do for the Genie+ LL. If you’re off-site, then you have to wait until park opening to book the ILL.

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Forgot about single rider for Everest! Good heads up thank you. Was thinking FPs for shows so we can get there close to start time without having to worry about it being full?

Yep at the Grand Flo, so will get the ILL at 7am. Also forgot I could just pick the time, so will do that!

Don’t get there TOO close to the show starting time. LL window stops about 10 or 15 min before showtime, and then they make you get in the standby line. If that line is too long, you might not get in for that show.

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Cool, so 15 mins before start time should be fine?

I’d try to be there about 15-20 minutes. I forget the exact time of the current window, but your LL will state the return time.

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When using the LL’s you actually have to show up about 20 minutes before the show.


Will your 2 and 4 year olds sit thru 3 shows in one afternoon? Just something to consider, especially if they cannot ride KRR, Everest, FOP and ya’ll are doing rider swap for those.

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Yep - they’re theatre kids… they can sit through all manner of shows!

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Using G+ for LLs to the shows doesn’t actually guarantee entry at all. All it does it give you “first dibs” of seating as long as you are there before they start letting standby in. Once standby is let in, you might end up having to wait until the next showing.

Put another way, LLs for shows don’t necessarily save you any time since you still have to arrive early UNLESS the standby crowd is so full that they can’t fit everyone into the next show…in which case you still have to arrive early, but you’ll get into the next show instead of having to wait.

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Does not compute.


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we did an afternoon at AK on saturday, we started with Na’vi as it was only 15 mins oddly, then the walkons and shows (feathered friends was hilarious as noone wanted to play apart from the owl, the raven was stealing microphone leads too), lion king mid afternoon, next to last safari which was a good one, feeding time so everyone was out hippos at rhe side, rhino close, giraffe tower curious, even the lions and elephants active, EE, then the worlds water supply fell out of the sky at this point as we were going to FoP for 7.50 end of night queue. Soaked through it only took 40 mins despite the posted 90. Exited the park with loads of good photos. No genie plus needed at all.