Haircut during / watching FOF parade from Barber shop area?

I’d really like to get my son’s first haircut at Disney, and was thinking of trying to get a time around when the parade will be going off - so the rest of my family can watch the parade while we wait. Are they still performing when they get to the end of the route? It looks like it’s pretty much the LAST stop of the parade. Has anyone watched from this area before? How crowded was it and what time did they make it to you?


We sat on a bench facing the Barber Shop to eat lunch on Thursday and the floats came by around 12:45ish. They were still performing all the way until they went behind the fence.

I wondered if that was a real barber shop–should’ve known!

ETA: sorry, this wasn’t the FoF parade, it was the dance party floats! My reading comprehension skills are not up to snuff today!

Yes, they perform all the way through that gate. No idea if you can see from inside, but your family would be well situated just outside. Parade will reach that area around 20 minutes after it begins.