Hagrids Coaster

Hello All,
Finally it is almost time to go to Universal. I was wondering if it is any quicker to take the train to Hagrid’s Coaster or enter from the IOA?

Thanks for the help.

It takes me, solo - no kids, and walking at a brisk pace 20 minutes to get from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade. (if no line at the park entry) Each section of WWOHP is in the very back of each park so you have to walk all the way to the opposite sides of each park.

The Hogwarts Express is always faster / easier. I’ll only walk all the walk around if the queue wait is longer than 40 minutes for the train. Besides, the train is fun. You get all the fun show scenes and stuff that happens while riding.

Thanks. do you think this is true 1st thing in the morning?

Probably longer if you try to walk it at RD / opening as you have to wait at the turnstiles for all the people coming into the park. That 20 minutes is when I do it midday when there’s really no one at the entry gates.

I’d definitely take the train in the morning. Most people are still on rides and looking around. The queues for HE are pretty low. HE doesn’t get busy until mid / late day when people want to switch parks after being in there all day.

Most of that 20 minutes is just walking. It’s a pretty good distance. (I’m in good shape - not a jogger or runner, but not heavy or any mobility issues) Plus, I don’t have anyone else with me to slow me down.

If I walk really fast or lightly jog, without bothering / bumping other guests, I can do it in 15 mins.

Are you trying to get onto Hagrid’s at rope drop? There have been reports that the train o does not start until opening and will put you behind the crowd.

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In the morning? No, enter at IOA. Even during the day it might be quicker to walk depending on the wait for Hogwarts Express.