Hagrid's coaster to open June 13!

I’m so excited it will be open before our trip later in June! I’m not even going to think about crowd levels, lines or the possibility that they won’t use EP for the ride. So. Excited!!!


That’s so exciting!

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I’m excited for this too, haven’t been for eight years so I’m looking forward to the pressure being off gringotts while we’re there as our crowd numbers are 7,8, & 9.

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Good point! We’re traveling on high crowd days, too.

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Saw this announced on Dis Unplugged yesterday. But, I wouldn’t count on being able to ride it, necessarily. Hopefully so. But as I mentioned in another thread a week or so ago, this coaster is designed by Intamin, and as of the last several years, they have had a lot of issues with initial quality, frequent breakdowns, etc. Now, hopefully they can work through those issues prior to the official opening day…but a lot of times, operation for Intamin coasters at openings is spotty.

Regardless, expect EXTREMELY long lines.

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Stop raining on my parade…jk! :joy:. Seriously, though, I appreciate having these expectations set ahead of time! We know absolutely nothing about roller coasters let alone theme parks…we kind of live under a rock, lol.


Yes, well. After being in marching band for many years, I learned to hate parades. :wink:

Anyhow, I just want people not to show up, only to find it isn’t running and be mad. Be prepared for it to be a possibility.

Last year, my son decided to hit Cedar Point opening weekend to ride the new Steel Vengeance coaster. (Not Intamin, in this case.) The wait was 5 hours. They did some other stuff first and then got in line. (Well, the pre-line…the pre-line was 2 hours long which took you to the actual line, which was 3 more hours.) Anyway, after waiting about 1 1/2 hours in the pre-line, there was a minor accident on the coaster (no injuries or anything). Shut it down for the rest of the day.

Things happen sometimes with these coasters that are so highly technological these days!


Seriously, though, I do appreciate the reality check!

Oh how wonderful! This means we’ll hopefully get to ride it in July!

I am very happy for you!!! :smile:

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So, my current trip plan has us in Universal on June 13-14. What am I going to be looking at in terms of crowd levels (currently showing 6-7)? Is it going to be CRAZY? Do I need to try to revise my plans so we are in Universal earlier in the week?

Personally, the HP areas will be a bit crazy, but I would suspect it won’t affect the whole park that much.

So, in other words…pretty much the status quo! :wink:

Okay, so I expect the Hagrid Coaster to now require rope-dropping, and I do wonder if those who don’t have Express Pass will, initially, even get much hope of getting on the thing. :slight_smile:

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I’ll be curious to see how it goes. Rumor is it won’t take EP at this point, so that won’t be a factor. Early on, I was reading that they would do the reservation/virtual line thing, but I haven’t heard that lately, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out. Add in your advice that it will probably have repeated problems, and I am glad my trip is in December! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah. Well, that should help with the initial crowds somewhat.


My DS19 sent this YouTube video to me. It is, apparently put together by a fan with insider knowledge to show what the Hagrid coaster might be like. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of it. Most likely the coaster layout itself, at least, could be accurate based on spy photos. The rest of it? Interesting.

Of course, it if IS accurate, then this might be considered a spoiler for those who prefer to wait.

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I’m going to wait.

I’m always so torn on this stuff. I am so curious to see it, but want to wait. I’ve been reading everything up to this point, so maybe I’ll hold off on actual video. But thanks for sharing!

Yeah. Well, I watched it mostly for the track layout. I anticipate the scenes, as played out in the video, are pure conjecture. But who knows?

For me, I’m not really into it for the surprise. In fact, often I enjoy a ride experience more after the first time. It isn’t like this is a movie or book where the story is ruined. (Although, I’m currently reading through the entire HP series AGAIN…halfway through book 5.)

Anyhow, for those who don’t mind potential spoilers I figured it was worth posting. For those who don’t want potential spoilers, it will be an exercise in self-control! :wink:

Lord knows I could always benefit from that!