Hagrids added to EE, do I sprint there first?

Our first day at Islands of adventure is the first day Hagrid‘s is being added back to early entry. Since Hagrid’s does not have Xpress pass should I just sprint there? Thanks


I think your best bet will be to go there first at EE. Be careful sprinting (and you have not meant that literally lol,) I have seen a few people wipe out on the wet pavement while on a fast trip to Hagrid’s.


Yes. Try to arrive 45+ minutes early for early entry and then walk with purpose to Hagrid’s.


It depends. You could get a quick ride on VC and maybe even a second,(we got 2 rides in 15-mins) HPFJ, see HP land a bit and then head towards KK and do all of the rides that way. Jump in line for hagrids after lunch. That’s what we were able to do on a Sunday a few months ago. We were second at front gate taps at 7:15ish Hagrids is wildly more popular it seems. VC was more of a priority as I’m more of a coaster enthusiast than an HP fan. Both were fantastic!

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I may have to do that. 2x in 15 minutes is awesome!