Had to cancel trip :( When to rebook?

14 days out and just had to cancel :frowning: DD7 fell off a horse and had to have surgery yesterday for a shattered elbow. She took the news well and knows we will postpone. Not sure how DS3 will feel as we’ve been talking it up so much to him and it was during his bday :confused:
Now, to figure out when to rebook since we got a Disney credit minus the $200 fee. Last time we wen twas end of Jan but the air was too cold to enjoy the pools. Wondering when things warm up again, besides Spring break, never want to be there during that time :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can, mid April (post Easter) through mid May will find warm enough weather for pools, and “low” crowds.


Thanks! That was what I was wondering, perhaps after everyone else is done with their spring breaks. This trip WILL happen as we planned the first to bring some happiness to our family after some sadness and now this. Bring on the mouse!

Other people like February ( never been myself in that month). However, you are well into the ADR window for February (if that is a concern). Obviously weather is not as warm in Feb as in April/May, but, again, that is relative and you will know better how your family tolerates the heat/cold. But if you jump on early May, the 180 day window will start now… Disney is currently taking ADRs for 4/30/18. You should have hotel options and if you move quickly, plenty of dining options as well.

thank you! i was just trying to do the math in my head haha Yeah we loved the quiet of the parks end of jan/feb and weather was gorgeous but always a cold breeze that prevented us from using the pools.

One Point. I have had to cancel twice before. One was two days before the trip and I believe the second was like two weeks. First one was my wife’s brother had brain surgery and it was iffy if he would make it. He did. Two years later he died right when we had another trip planned. We had Disney insurance but what a time to collect it. The insurance company wanted all types of information which had to come from doctors in order to collect. I called Disney both times and explained the situation. They refunded All our money both times. Do I love Disney or what? We are loyal customers so maybe that had something to do with it.