Ha! Suck it, people with friends and / or families!

I knew being unloveable would eventually pay off: https://wdwnt.com/2019/01/millennium-falcon-smugglers-run-will-have-a-single-rider-line-in-star-wars-galaxys-edge/


Oh, but see, there are groups that will split up to ride “faster”, so it doesn’t always make the line go faster.

Especially at first.

Those people are frauds.

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Wouldn’t those be… Solo riders?




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Yep, happens on Test Track all the time. Last trip a mom and what appeared to be a less than 6 year old child (she looked younger than my 6 year old), were in the single rider line. That poor little girl was pulled from the line and put in line to ride with my family of 5. The mom was in line for the next car and told her she was ok. After about 10 seconds of standing with us, she took off to her mom crying. I have no idea what happened after that, but I couldn’t believe the CMs allowed that little girl in the single rider line.

But, anyway, glad to see this is something Disney is considering for the Millenium Falcon. It would seem a waste not to fill it in.

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We were a group of 5 on Splash at DLR and as we were getting on a very small child was directed to our “log” from the single rider line. He appeared to be younger than my boys who were 7 and 8. He seemed fine, but as a mom I was glad he was with us. Funny part is in the picture you cannot see one of my boys and everyone assumes the random child is mine! For me personally that is way too young for single rider.