H2O Glow nights

Has anyone done these this year (I know they have only just started but thought I would ask) - are the crowds still low.

I have nothing to add but I am interested in this too (and I prefer to comment over just bookmarking or tracking without comment).

@JonMcIntosh posted on chat. I am hoping when he returns home he will see this tag (not during his trip).

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Hey @Markgrowlands, I’d be glad to share our experience from the 2nd H2O Glow party of the summer from Saturday, 6/1. Thanks for the tag @PrincipalTinker

This is what I put on chat (with some further explanation).

Pros on H2O Glow Nights:

This biggest pro is a nearly empty park. At the beginning of the night, one cast member estimated that there were 200 people in the whole park (and it holds close to 10k?). There was some light rain at the time - which I’m sure had an effect - but though the night every slide was a walk on, except the single rider on Crush n Gusher and that was like 5 minutes.

Buzz, Woody and Jessie have meets there and we didn’t have to wait to meet them (and we didn’t have to spend valuable Toy Story Land time during our day at HS waiting to meet them either) and had great interactions with the characters.

Also, at the end of the night, they pump the large waves in the wave pool on a consistent pattern.

Also a cool thing for our fam (but maybe a con to others) is that all the specialty drinks had glow cubes which my kids loved collecting.

And, lastly, Typhoon Lagoon is beautiful as the sun sets.

Cons for me: The biggest con was that I found the glow party vibe took me out of the overall themeing of the park. I love the regular TL music and ended up resenting when they switched over to Ice Ice Baby.

I really love dancing with my kids, but I’m also realizing with how often we encountered dance parties during our trip that I don’t like how loud and pervasive the party music is in whatever part of the park the DJ is in (man, do I sound old.)

The only other con for the Glow Party is that we have kids with different age groups and TL is great because it allows parties to split up and do different things. However, we found it even harder to find everyone (no one has their phone on them) and regroup in the dark. A lot of “I told you to stay with your sister!” type of conversations. It was also more nerve wracking keeping up with the littles in a water park at night.

Other than that, fun was had by all!

Here’s a pic that Ashley took of Miss Tilly: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByL4gZvAqD2/ and then she put a few more here: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByNwjG3g1Pv/

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks for the report! Is there an extra charge for food and drinks?

Yes. Unlike the other after hours events, there are no snacks and beverages included. That being said, the H2O Glow Party is much less expensive. It’s actually cheaper than a regular day ticket to the water park, and because we didn’t have a hopper + more ticket already, it made sense for us money wise.


Thank you. Are there photo pass photographers?

At the character meets there are. The last 4 pics in this post came from Photopass: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByNwjG3g1Pv/

Bumping the thread for any more first-hand testimony.

I’ve decided this is very much on the agenda for my trip this June.

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Well we decide to do this event last year and it was one of the highlights of our trip - low crowds and walk on slides all night. Good character meets and my daughters (all teenagers) enjoyed the dance party. Was a good way to fit in the water park without losing a day at the other parks. Highly recommend


That’s great to hear — thanks.

I’ve booked it.