H20 Glow Nights at TL

Has anyone done this? Thoughts? I’m entertaining taking the kids in July and there is an H20 event scheduled for our rest day. DS and I went to TL during the day last year and enjoyed it but ended up not going on many attractions later in the day as lines got long. My daughters have never been to one of the water parks. DS loved the wave pool and the slides we did get to ride were fun too. If I pull the trigger we’ll be at the Poly which has an awesome pool so I’m just looking for experiences with this event to gauge how fun it could be!

For point of reference my girls will be 12, 9 and 7 and my son will be 11 this trip.

I went the first year they offered them, so someone with more recent experience might be more helpful. but my DD (a teen at the time) and I loved it! Everything we rode was walk-on or a 5-minute wait, it was dark so no sunburns, there were adorable glowing floats in the lazy river, they had a dance party with a DJ, and we posed for pictures with Buzz Lightyear. I would definitely do it again with DD, but we’ve now moved our family trips to December so we haven’t had the chance to repeat.


My kids and I are quite fair skinned so this is for sure appealing!

Sounds like a really fun time. I’m definitely leaning toward green lighting it!

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