Gyms anywhere?


My DH is pretty avid about getting his gym time in, even while at Disney. We are staying at AoA, so no gym on site - any knowledge or suggestions for nearby gyms he could hit up for the week while we are there?


It's not a gym, but the walking trail around AoA and POP! would be a good way to get some cardio in. Here is a link to the path for a nearly 1.5 mile run.


I told him about that but he's wanting some equipment/weight time as well.


Found this, not sure what you'll define as "nearby" though.


There are gyms at the deluxe and villa resorts, but you have to use your Magic Band to get in so you have to be staying at that resort. Does he belong to a chain gym? If so then it's probably going to be best to take an UBER there. If not then it looks like the Fitness Centre at Celebration Hospital offers day passes for a reasonable rate, and isn't that far.


I am with your HD - I had a show a few wks after our WDW trip and need a gym big time. I am going to go on the assumption that you have a car. On site options are pretty pathetic. The gym at WL was actually pretty good and I THINK that you can buy a day pass at GF - but not 100% sure. You may also want to check other local hotels to see what a day pass could be - a lot have weekly passes for free or reasonable fee. I suggest just googling "gym near art of animation" there seemed to be a lot - not sure what would be appropriate though.