Gutted about Soarin'

We are heading to WDW for only our second visit as a family next April, last time was in 2008 when our youngest was only 2.

The whole family were looking forward to Soarin’. One of our favourite attractions last time and the kids are now old enough to enjoy it.

So we were absolutely gutted to read this:

I thought the idea was that the rest of the attraction would stay open whilst the new third theatre was built?!!

Seems there will be a few attractions down for refurbishment while we’re there - BTMR, Hulk and now Soarin’. Fingers crossed that the new Frozen attraction in EP cot has a soft opening while we’re there in advance of expected opened date after we get back home to UK.


I also expected that the down time for Soarin’ to be much shorter; it seems that refitting the theaters would only take a month or so - likewise merging the theater to the queue. Wondering if they plan on doing a major renovation of the whole queue?

But don’t be “gutted” by the closure of one ride. It’s one of my favorites as well, but I wouldn’t let it’s closure ruin my trip…

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Awe nuts!

We’ll be there the 3rd week of January. Kinda irked that they waited this long to announce the closure. Things are always down in January but up until this announcement, nearly everything seemed like it would be open.

If this will impact your trip, have you considered postponing it? Can you go later when Soarin, maybe frozen, big thunder and Rivers of Light may open? Of course, five other attractions may be closed.

My hubby did contemplate rescheduling our trip for a moment but whilst it’s disappointing that Soarin’ will be down we are constrained by UK school holidays and next April is the most practical option for us and better prices than the summer holidays.

We’re all still really excited about our trip, just wish we could afford to come more often than once every 7 years!!

It would have been great to experience Soarin’ again but it’s not to be. I’m sure we will still have an amazing time enjoying all the other attractions.


I too am going to wdw in April. I will just save my FPs for another park and enjoy the Flower and Garden displays and food booths in EP! It is my favorite time of the year!