Guidance on my plan please

This is my current TP for our first day at MK. I am trying to cover the highlights of half of the park each day, so this is the back-half day. I am also trying to be a bit systematic in our approach to minimize walking all over back and forth for my 70-something parents who will be with us.

First, does this look reasonable? It just seems like the wait times should be longer?? Is this too much?? We have an ADR at BOG for lunch, so we’re working around that. We have reservations at HDDMR at 6:15, so we plan on staying in MK all day until we take the boat to FW at about 4-4:30. I guess we’ll have some time to shop, snack, ride anything else that catches our eye until time to leave.

Also, any other must do rides in these areas of the park that I’ve left out. My DS is 13 and DD is 11, so I’m not sure exactly which rides will be to “baby-ish” and which will appeal to my DD who is sort of between little girl and big girl at the moment.

Any insights are appreciated!

Edited to add that I will be booking FPP Tuesday am, so none of these are set yet, in case someone has a better idea of how to do them.

You need to publish the plan and then share the link of the published plan.

Oops. So sorry! I guess my first link wasn’t correct. Here’s (hopefully) the correct one.

I’m going to preface my answer with “I haven’t been to Disney since they implemented Fastpass+”… and that since I’m planning our trip I am interested in the answers you receive. I only see 2 fastpass reservations on your list. Along with a note on Splash Mountain that says to try to obtain one as a 4th fastpass. So why don’t you go ahead and plan on a Fastpass for Splash Mountain now. Or maybe Ariel… But this is all guesswork from me. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m planning on one for Ariel, since that’s one of the longer wait times. I have hesitated to use a pre-booked FP+ on SM, since I’m not sure that we’ll ride it that day…not sure about getting wet and then going to Hoop Dee Doo.

50 minutes may not be enough time to enjoy your lunch at BoG, especially if you don’t preorder your food.

I’ve done a little fiddling, what do you think of:
Some differences from yours:

  1. I made walking speed “relaxed” and optimized to minimize walking, then moved some things around.
  2. I gave you 60 minutes for lunch
  3. I added the railroad at the end, so after you finish with Splash you can hop on the train rather than walking to the front entrance. It’s a really lovely (and well themed) ride.
  4. I put Peter Pan first without a FPP, because a) if you’re there early you’ll be ahead of the main crowd and wait less than 26 minutes, and b) it’s an incredibly well-themed line and waiting 26 minutes in it feels like FAR less - unlike other lines (i.e. the little mermaid ones) that are super boring and take forever.

Overall, I think there might be less walking. without going back and forth between fantasyland and frontier land with this plan. (note it looks like longer because I set walking speed to Relaxed)

BUT I don’t like leaving you with a long IASW wait in the middle of the day. If your folks can handle a little extra walk, I’d move IASW last because you can reliably get a 4th FPP for IASW. I’m not sure you’ll get a 4th FPP for Splash. (Ie I doubt you’ll be able to).

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Oh my goodness! Mossmaci, this is why I love this forum! Your plan is so much better than mine! This makes me so happy! So, newbie question here…is there a way to copy the plan you made? I can’t find a copy option, so do I just need to re-input the items into my existing TP in the order that you have them listed?

Thank you so much! I think this plan will make the day much more enjoyable for all of us!

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I don’t think you can copy and paste - BUT you can just drag and drop things that you have in your plan already to a different order, and for sure change your walking speed to relaxed. Also, you’ll be coming off Splash pretty close to the parade, during which the railroad does’t run. Just FYI.

Thanks again! I fixed mine to match yours, and I’m so pleased with it! I appreciate you taking the time to help.

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You’re welcome. I hope you guys have an amazing trip!
Also, forgot to mention that Railroad closes during the parade, so if it’s at 3 pm you’ll have a short window to catch the train after Splash.
(Also, out of geeky curiosity, I re-ran it with IASW at the end with 4th FPP. I don’t think I’d do that: a) the walk back to IASW then to the front of the park takes away any benefit from the shorter wait FPP, and b) there’s way more walking than just hopping on the train if you have 70-somethings with you. Also, if you haven’t seen the parade, it’s 15 minutes of awesome and you could catch it in Frontierland after Splash if you want to.)