Guidance on Most Convenient Rental Agency

Hiya. I’m staying at the JW Marriott Bonnet Creek. I’m solo and considering a rental car so I can get my central Florida theme park, shopping and eating life. Also, I don’t like to rideshare alone.

I saw a post specifying which rental car companies at MCO to stay away from. I can’t find it and hope you good people can help me out.

Which agencies to consider? Which to stay away?

I would stay away from Budget. I haven’t used them, but I have always noticed a huge line at the rental counter. We use Alamo 90% of the time and have never had issues My DH likes National as well. Both companies have an option to go straight to the car.

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National and Alamo are effectively the same company. In fact, they are often serviced at the same exact desk using the same inventory of cars!

I just rented a car through National for a trip to the Portland area, and the guy who helped me at the counter was wearing a Alamo shirt at the Alamo counter (which was adjacent to the National counter).

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I know–it’s just funny because I always rent through Alamo and DH through National and we are oddly loyal to our favorite.