Guesses for Best/Worst Buildings?

I’m really surprised Surf’s Up is dead last at ASSports since it’s a preferred building.

Wow that’s quite the range! I didn’t think the building would matter that much in a Value resort but it appears it does.

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I stayed in the Surfs Up building in late January 2020. As a solo traveler it was fine since I was just there to sleep. It was a little jarring though since I had just been at the Garden Wing of the Contemporary a few months prior.

Oh yeah huge difference. Before the skyliner and the room renos started ASSports was my favorite value resort. Once it gets refurbished it might be top place again.

We stayed in bldg 45 at OKW last fall. It was everything you note. Very quiet, easy walk to the HH. Lots of space.

Thanks for putting this together! Is there enough data to do best rooms at each resort?


Thanks for that feedback! I’ll admit, I do want to attempt best rooms at each resort. But there would have to be a lot of asterisks along with that analysis. Because the “best” room could be one we just don’t have any or many reviews, etc. I’ll see what I can do though.


How about buildings/groupings at each resort? Or are the responses too varied between rooms in the same group?