Guesses about RotR

I’m so interested to see how tomorrow shakes out. Let’s make some guesses.
Do you think the land will reach capacity? What time?
Do you think HS will reach capacity? What time?
Do you think the ride will go down? For how long?
What do you think will be the highest posted wait time for the ride tomorrow?

Anything else we should guess about?


I don’t think HS will hit capacity. Maybe GE, but I’m also going to guess no.

I do think the ride will break down, for 40 minutes or so.

I think the peak wait time will be one million hours. Sorry, wrong franchise. I think it’ll hit 5-6 hours.

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I am betting they will use boarding passes to avoid super long waiting times, so land will reach capacity but waiting times won’t go above 210 (except maybe close to Rope Drop, if they decide to let everyone who arrived super early in). Don’t think HS will reach capacity. And also betting on some down time, maybe 2 x 1 hour periods?

Super curious to find out!

I’m going to say that the land will reach capacity, probably first thing but not HS. I think the ride will go down for at least an hour. And I think the highest wait time will be 300 minutes.

Ride is already down, I think everyone got this one right! ( :frowning: ) Now we just need to see for how long.

Instead of using boarding groups to control access to SWGE they are using it to control access to the ride itself, so no posted wait times. Didn’t see that coming, but looks like a good idea.


How does that work, exactly? Do folks still have to get in line to get a reservation? Or can people “sign up” online kind of like a FP?

Wow. That’s unfortunate

You join a boarding group on MDE. Then you get an alert when you can join the queue.

Okay…do you have to be in the park in order to join using MDE? I’m blanking on how they did this when SWGE opened. Basically, it seems like another race like the 7:00 am time for opening to FPs! :slight_smile:

ETA: Nevermind…I just checked in the app myself. I can join a boarding group right now for the evening while sitting here in the comfort of my home.

ETA…again: Nope…you can only go so far in the process, but then it hits a screen to verify you are in the park. Okay. They have it covered.


From what I read on chat your entire party has to be tapped in to DHS in order to get a boarding pass for RotR.

They didn’t have it covered when SWGE opened, you could join a boarding group from anywhere, you didn’t even need a ticket on your account. They fixed it in the first couple of hours.


Any reports on how long the queue is, once you are in it?

Specifically HS? Not WDW in general?

On August 29 after about 7am (I don’t know if it’s changed since), you had to have tapped in at the HS gate to join a boarding group. I got in our first boarding group before they fixed that loophole so we got the alert that we could get into the land right as our boat was docking outside HS around 8:30am. Later we went back to the hotel and took a non-Disney lunch break and I was able to join more boarding groups from outside HS, presumably because we’d all already tapped in to HS so were known to be in the vicinity? By the time we got back the land was open so it was moot but it was kind of funny. At lunch we could tell that the crowds were getting better because the interval between joining a boarding group and getting the notification kept shrinking from an hour to more like 10 minutes.


So someone in another thread said they are calling low 20s right now and a Liner that is there has group #154 with an ETA of “evening”…

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My question is now whether I can join a boarding group (by being in HS) but then leave the park and come back later. I have an ADR for breakfast that I don’t want to miss.

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The only way to know that for sure, I think, is to test it… I would not be willing to test it for the sake of finding out.

Maybe you could test for us??? :smiley:

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When we did it I was happy to test it because we’d already been in. I think you should get @Randall1028 to test it but maybe not today. Unless 1P1D is just too painful for him. :laughing:

I would be willing because there are other things to do at SWGE and HS in general that I won’t otherwise be doing this trip, so I’m willing to take the risk. In principle I have a fairly solid chance of ROTR during the VIP tour (arrangements have been made, but nothing trumps a ride breakdown).

The day I have in mind only has a limited window for ROTR and I’m not willing to sacrifice the other things. As I’ve said, there’s always June.