Guess when the person who said she wasn't going back to WDW until she's 50 is going?

I won’t be 50 for 3 years but I just found out that my daughter will be marching in the parade at MK with her high school band next Spring.

I’m actually really excited.

I’ll either be solo (woot) or with a friend of mine from high school.

I’ll definitely do MK on the day she’s in the parade.

Epcot is my favorite park but I think I might go to Animal Kingdom. I can’t decide.
HS is definitely out.

Anything two Gen-Xers should not miss? We’ve both been with our families a few times.

I think I want to go to Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar.

I’ll be there 4 nights with two park days. If my flight home leaves late, I’ll spend the day at Disney Springs before going to the airport.


Two park days…are they park hoppers?

As Gen-Xers, you might want to only spend half a day at MK, just hitting a few highlights, so that you can experience other parks. If HS is out (why? Just curious), that is fine. And while EP is my favorite park for sure, if you haven’t been to AK, I would prioritize that over EP if only to experience it. There is a lot to do, and is definitely the most beautiful of the parks. Two great shows, as well.

With hoppers, you could start at AK and then hop over to EP for the evening, since AK typically closes quite early, and perhaps catch Harmonious.

It is hard to suggest what not to miss when you only have 2 days. That is barely enough time to scratch the surface, really. My wife and I will be there 7 days/8 nights and we won’t be able to do everything. :grinning:

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She is going this Summer with her family and doing the park hoppers and all the parks. We just got back. We spent a lot of time at HS since we had never been before. I feel like I want to wait a while before I go back because I want to feel like Batuu is new again, if that makes any sense.

I have been several times, as has she. So we don’t feel like we need to do allthethings – just hit our favorites and enjoy the vibe.

It’s also going to be spring break with crazy crowds.

The plan will be to go in the morning then take a long break in the afternoon to swim in the pool. Go back for fireworks.

I’ve only been to AK once. I only really got to scratch the surface of what’s there so I feel like that would be fun to spend a lot of time on all of the various walks through the animal habitats. I don’t need to ride rides. Definitely the safari and the Na’vi boat ride.

I guess I feel like park hoppers add an expense I’m not ready for right now. The seem worth it when you go for 5+ days but I’m good just to focus on old favorites.

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