Guess what I just found

I have copious, no make that COPIOUS files of our WDW trips, with pretty much everything that went into planning or enjoying (read daily schedules :confounded:) each trip, including park maps, guides, and entertainment info as well as nearly every receipt for every souvenir. I’m not a hoarder; it just seems as tho this info is going to be necessary for posterity’s sake.

So I’m going thru the files and tossing out most of the valuable info when what to my wondering eyes (wrong) . . .

Lo and behold, this fun blast from the past:
Disney Dollars! Pretty muchly only scrap book fodder now but so fun to see again. Especially now

:thinking: it occurs to me I coulda taken a picture of the Mickey money . . .


Isn’t Disney legally bound to accept Disney dollars, if offered as payment? Or at least have a way to redeem them. In any case, they might be a collectible and worth more than face value to some people. I’d be curious …


I looked it up and depending on how old and in what condition, Disney dollars can sell for a significant premium on eBay!

Also this article claims they are still accepted at Disney, though not recommended since you can sell for more than face value!


That is impressive and incredible. Thanks for following thru on your curiosity!

The big (probably rhetorical) question is: do I want to sell them. I have 6; I could tell my six adult grandkids that I’ve got rare bills to leave them as their inheritance. :grin:

Two bills are somewhat bumpy but the other 4 seem very crisp. They’re all Mickey. One is 1994, three are '97 and two are 2003.

I was quite surprised to find them as I thought I recalled hearing, prior to a trip, that Disney wouldn’t honor them any longer, and thinking we needed to use them that trip.

I could have forgotten them at home, tho. I’ve been known to do brainiac stuff like that.

Is it a comment on the times that something like finding Disney dollars brightens up a day . . .


My grandmother saved these from when we went when we were little (1984) and framed them for me for last Christmas. It was one of my favorite gifts last year!


I have several Disney dollars. They are tucked away :wink: