Guardians VQ questions. Please help

Thanks for helping!
I have 3 questions …

  1. When the VQ opens at 6pm for extended evening hours, do we have to be in the park?

  2. If I secure a VQ at 7am and do not plan to enter EPCOT until after 4pm, can we still ride if we do not enter the park until after our VQ return time?

  3. If staying offsite, does the VQ open at 7am?

From our August trip so might be a outdated:

  1. No, just have to have the deluxe resort rez.
  2. Yes, they accommodated everyone who had a boarding group even if they missed it.
  3. Yes. Everyone with a valid ticket and an EPCOT rez has access to the 7am VQ.

Several Chat users staying deluxe reported they weren’t able to get a VQ. One user said Guest Services told him the info on the website is wrong, you have to be in the park or have tapped in to Epcot at least once during the day to get a 6pm VQ.

This was reported yesterday on the forum too by @LTinNC82.

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