Guardians Virtual Queue Question


Trying to figure out if this is doable.

Family and I are heading down for a week and I am making day 4 a lighter park day.

Breakfast at Ohana. Maybe some shopping or the pool. Then planning to head to Epcot for some later afternoon fun and dinner during Food and Wine.

I am going to buy Individual Lightning Lane for Guardians for that day, but as this is our first trip in forever, I’m trying to see if I can snag a virtual queue as well. Likely not getting to the park until after 2ish so the 1pm virtual isn’t an option. And not in a luxury/DVC so no 6pm virtual.

So, can I somehow get a virtual queue for the afternoon? Is there a way to ensure it is later in the day? Should I make my park tickets for Epcot or somewhere else so it defaults to Epcot after 2pm (we have park hopper).

Thanks for any help! It’s a bit of an offer situation I haven’t found an exact answer for on any sites/channels I follow.

If you make your park reservation for Epcot you can book a boarding group at 7 am. It shouldn’t matter what time the group is called. You can go anytime after it is called.


Yes, just make your park reservation for Epcot and get the 7am VQ. You can show up anytime after you’re called. People have been several hours late and it turns blue when you tap in but they override it so you can go.

You can also change your park reservation after securing your BG if you want to start somewhere else, and then still hop to Epcot at 2. We did that one day.


Amazing to hear! Thank you!

I did this last Wednesday. I got in the Virtual Queue at 7:00 AM, and also made an Individual Lightning Lane reservation for 2:30 PM. The VQ return time was for 10:45, but I didn’t get to Epcot until 2:30. The thing to note is that I had to use the Individual Lightning Lane reservation first during the ILL return window, and then came back later to use the Virtual Queue boarding group. It worked out great.


If your reservation is for Epcot, just get VQ at 7 am, doesn’t matter when you return aa long ans it’s after you’re called.

The 1 pm drop is available well after 1pm. We got it after 2 PM multiple times on my last trip.

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Absolutely if that is your morning park reservation, then you can snag a VQ at 7am and redeem when you get there. And as @meekomist said, there were plenty of VQs available at the 1pm drop well after 1pm if you miss the 7.
I will add one small caveat. Do not wait until the very end of the day to use it (like, oh I want it to be my last ride of the night). Use it when you get to the park. I grabbed an after 1pm VQ one of my days, and it had a cutoff time listed. Because there was an issue with the ride, they did turn away people who missed that cutoff time (it was at least 15 minutes before park close). I didn’t end up riding that day because the line was just too long.
So, you can arrive late for your VQ (not for your ILL) late, but do not put it off until the last minute!


Definitely don’t wait til after Harmonious!


Thanks everyone! Very helpful!