Guardians Virtual Queue/Lightening Lane


We are a group of 9 people travelling to WDW the last week of March. If I am unsuccessful getting a boarding group through the virtual queue at 7am, how likely is it that there will still be ILL left to purchase?

I would rather try to save the money and snag a boarding group, but if we don’t get one I would pay for the ILL. I am wondering how quickly the ILL usually go?

Thank you for your help!

You will have no problem getting ILL just after 7:00am if staying onsite.

If you are not staying onsite (9am EP opening booking time) and with a CL7 predicted, you will most likely still be able to get ILL, it may just be a late afternoon return time.


Thank you!! Good to know! We are staying onsite.

I will try for the free virtual queue first then! Trying to save money where I can! Purchasing G+ for all the days of our trip plus all the ILL certainly adds up for families so I will try to cut at least a couple if possible!

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One more question! Do you know how long Virtual Queue waits typically are once you show up for your boarding group with GotG?

I think 20-45 minutes is typical, and the earlier arrival the lower the wait. But someone else can chime in with more experience.

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This has been my experience.

I know there is data that proves that earlier is better but we haven’t noticed any difference in waits throughout the day, unless the ride breaks down or is only loading one side.


You have time to get the VQ and then get the ILL. You’ll want to ride twice!


Thank you!

@JenniferB1975 I assume we will too! However, we have two Epcot days booked so I figure the first day we will just ride once through Virtual Queue and those of us that want to ride 2 times on our second Epcot day can :slight_smile:

We used the VQ last week around 10.30am last week (CL 8 day) and waited around 30 minutes including the pre-shows, but since it was all totally new to us it didn’t feel that long. It’s an amazing ride, but I will say I felt a bit too woozy to do it again straight away, so I was happy that we did not buy the ILL on top of the VQ straight away (we considered it and made the right call against it in the morning - though I should warn that we saw it was sold out by the time we rode)! Your plan to ride again another day sounds wise to me. My kids (6 and 8) found it pretty intense in the moment but said they loved it after - still said they wouldn’t have wanted to go again straight away.

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VQ is variable in terms of wait We had a couple times where we almost walked right on through, to others where we waited up to an hour.

Getting a VQ is not an issue, and there is always the second drop where we had 100% success rates in September.

By March, odds are there will no longer be a VQ with Tron opening around then.

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Thank you for the info @NTEI ! I can get woozy on rides too - I am fine with rollercoasters etc and most Disney rides don’t bother me. However I have a feeling this might a bit! I Figured one time the first day will be good and then reassess for the our next Epcot day! We can’t wait to ride though!!

Good to know! Thanks!

I think I am hoping there will still be a virtual queue! It seems to control the crowds better. Unfortunately I think we are just going to miss the Tron opening so I am hoping virtual queue will still be on for GOTG when we go!