Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster opens May 27

Two nights ago we watched a Tim Tracker video where he rode GOTG with the holiday overlay, so got to hear the “Christmas song” for the ride. Gotta say…it is about the least Christmassy Christmas song they could have possibly chosen. There are a billion and one Christmas songs in the world, and they picked that one??? Very odd.


I’m baffled that they didn’t use the music from the holiday special.

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I’m riding today so I’ll make my final judgement then :smiley:

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It is much better in person. We thought it was cute, and the ride is still super fun! However I still think using a few known rock Christmas songs would have been more fitting.


Guardians question: if I wanted to ride very late in the evening (9-10), what should I do?

  • Grab a VQ? What kind of a time frame are we looking at?
  • try to refresh ILL until it gets close in the morning? Is this like milliseconds or minutes?
  • get an ILL at the second drop…?
  • are there more later drops?

oh… and I’ll be on an airplane doing this :joy: I imagine I will have to have someone do this for me…

You can use your VQ anytime after it’s called. I haven’t been tracking the ILL but the few times I’ve bought it, it was never right at 7:00 because I did it from home (or EP parking lot) was for an afternoon timeframe. Once I waited for it to get later than 3:00.


This is interesting. I assumed it would be pretty easy to switch the songs. Maybe this is why they didn’t play September all day on the 21st? Sounds like there is more involved.

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Interesting. I never would have assumed that music would be hard to swap out!

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Right?! Me either. I thought it would literally be flipping a switch! Granted most likely a computerized switch but still.