Guardians Cosmic Rewind VQ?

Do you think Cosmic Rewind will be Virtual Queue/ILL when it opens May 27? If so, how many days does it typically stay that way?
Does VQ allow disney to create a much higher percentage of ILLs for a ride without people really knowing? If there are no standby lines, then I suppose noone really knows how many non ILL riders there are vs ILL. Seems like this really allows them to open a ride to mainly paid customers

It has been announced there will be both VQ and ILL$ options for this ride.

No predicting how long it will stay VQ - ROTR was that way for a wicked long time; Remy, not so much.

Do you think the VQ is mainly used to open a ride to mostly paying customers without people knowing? Or am I way off into conspiracy land?

I don’t follow your question

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Previously, the VQ has lasted for months. But I believe Len predicted around 6 weeks.


The VQ is no extra cost. This is in place of the standby queue. So they can prevent the line from being a mile long and so they can control the amount of people they allow in case of breakdowns, bugs to get out of a brand new ride.

Adding, I see what you’re saying but I’m going to trust Disney to not take advantage of ILL more than normally.


I think OP suspects they will just sell thousands of ILLs and the VQ will hardly get any of the capacity. @zepking do correct me if I’m wrong but that’s how I’m reading it.


But then that makes the ILL line long and paying customers will be unhappy…so I somehow doubt it.

VQ line for example was long at Remy and at RotR and ILL line was a basic walk on almost.



Nah I don’t think they’ll do that

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I agree, it’s not me who thinks that!

Yeah, what yall are saying makes more sense.

The claim in the past was the VQ was used until the ride was stable enough to reliably handle standby lines without breaking down. During the testing and previews Guardians was behaving better than both Remy and RotR so the thought was the VQ may not be used as long. But that is all speculation of course as of now…

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