Guardians Boarding Group Return Time

I’m seeing conflicting reports–If we get Boarding group for GotG do we just have 1 hour to return? I’m afraid we will be in line at TT or some other long line and will miss the call. What has been your experience?

Officially, one hour. But unofficially you can arrive any time after your BG is called. So far there have been no reports of anyone being denied entry…even hours later.


I’m local and have only been on time about 3 times. We get the BG and then go in the afternoon/evening after work. We were 8 hours late on opening day, the only day anyone even said anything and it was a joking “wow you are a little late”. Usually the tap turns blue and then the CM taps their screen and sends you through :smiley:


Thank you!

Oh! Thanks for the info on the tap turning blue. I would’ve freaked lol

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I do always take a photo of my BG in the morning just in case. Because it does disappear from MDE. But I’ve never had to use it.


Noted. Great tip.

There is just no excuse for this :laughing::blush: