Groups of three on rides

I’ve been under the impression that a group consisting of 2 parents and a 7yr old could use Rider Swap to have the child ride twice, and neither adult need go alone or with a stanger. I’m now think that I misunderstood the system, and that the key for Rider Swap is having kids that can’t go on the ride. This being the case, what does that extra parent do? I suppose simply ride alone or with another single?

Rider swap is intended for when you have a child too short, young, or unwilling to ride. The party (minus the child and whatever adults remain behind) rides - fast pass or standby whatever they have- and then up to 3 people can return to ride at a later time via the fast pass entrance.

For a party of three where everyone wants to ride, you would have no reason to use a swap. One adult would simply ride alone on those rides where it only seats two.

What I’m not sure of, is if you can ask for rider swap when everyone wants to ride just at not all together.

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Thanks. I feel obtuse for having misunderstood this in the first place. Wishful thinking?

As far as I’ve ever seen this is not allowed. You actually have to present the child that can’t ride in order to get a child swap pass.

That is what I was thinking but I wasn’t 100% sure one way or the other.

You are correct, the child swap won’t work for you. However, keep in mind that there are many rides that the three of you can ride together. Peter Pan, Small World, Pirates, VOTLM, People Mover, Jungle Cruise, etc. Those are just a few. On the others, on person would ride alone. Its not too bad. :slight_smile:

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