Group of 7 FPP 30 days out

I book day one tomorrow for a group of 7. What is the best strategy for that large of a group. Go into it looking for 1 FPP or 7? Does this make sense?

you can try to get all 7, but that might not work, so try in smaller groups. The other thing is to stagger the times because you have the hour window, plus as a rule, 5 minutes before the scheduled time and 15 minutes after.
So, as an example, you might get 2 at 9:50am, 2 at 9:55am, 3 at 10:30am. That would mean you all could ride it at the same time from 10:25am until maybe 11:05am.
I have a feeling you will have to do things like this to get what you are looking for.

I booked Tuesday for a group of eight and got everything we wanted without having to break it up (except when we planned to). Just be sure you are on at 7am eastern. Good Luck!

I think anything other than SDD and FoP should be fine. Maybe 7DMT or FEA really early in your trip might be difficult.

Good luck.

I did this exact thing for a trip in August 2017. It was no problem at all and I got everything except FOP, though obviously there was no SDD then.

Thanks to all. The only thing not available was 7DMT in Magic Kingdom. I am making HS FPP tomorrow.

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