Grocery stores

I’m trying to find a NOT so busy Walmart to pick a few things up (the vine-land road one is crazy all the time)

Has anyone tried heading up to West Sand Lake Road area seems to be a lot in the area Publix,Walmart,trader Joes,whole foods,aldis.

Looks kind of straight forward to get to Hotel plaza dr to apopka vine-land to west sand lake I think about 10-15 miles of so


It does not matter how busy the Walmart is there will only be one register open anyway. Ok two if it a real busy one.

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We stopped shopping at Wal-Mart about 10 years ago, and have only stepped foot in one twice in all that time. We have had so many poor experiences with Wal-Mart we have just given up on them. (The two times we did go were at out-of-state locations.)

But I know there are is a Publix not too far away, since we’ve used it a few times. We’re Aldi shoppers, so if we find one of those nearby we will so there instead.

Here is the Publix we’ve used:

Download the app Waze if you dont have it. Tells you how to get anywhere and always spot on directions. Users upload info to it as well, so it also tells you about cops nearby or construction, or wrecks, etc.

We will be stopping at the Trader Joe’s on our way to WDW from the AutoTrain in July. My ds loves yogurt, but only the one from TJs. I was thrilled that there was one so close by!

how far is Trader Joe’s from wow?

Google Maps is saying 10.5 miles to/from Pop Century…currently a 19 minute drive.

This is also on the way for us from the AutoTrain in Sanford.

My sister lives in Canada. Everytime she comes to the US, she has to have her trip to TJ. So when we went to DW last year, she actually planned a trip to TJ.

From her hotel in DS, it was a $10 Uber ride each way and took her about 1 hour to go, shop and come back.