Grocery Stop from airport

The recent thread on grocery delivery has me worried. I see many private cars offer a grocery stop but I can’t for the life of me figure out how’s you’d do this in 15 minutes. I’m a speed shopper and would be pressed pulling that off at my local store where I know where everything is. Are people using curbside pickup? What if your room isn’t ready? Will bell services cold food? What store is best?

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You order online for curbside pickup, and yes, bell services has stored my cold food in the past.

You would place an order for pick up. That’s how you do it in 15 minutes.

I figured. Best place to do that? I know Target is super defiant you don’t need to pick a time.

Walmart will hold your order until closing if you miss your pickup window.

I had the worst pick up experience with my local Walmart. Never again. Target is so great with their pick up service.

I’ve only done Prime Now/Amazon Fresh at WDW. I’ve used Walmart pickup at home and for beach vacations in Florida.

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Oh I use them regularly here at home and our house on the coast and rarely have issues. Maybe you just caught them on a bad day.