Grocery shopping vs delivery

Hi everyone! I ruled out GG a month ago because they lack choices and we wanted booze. We will rent a car for the ride from the airport to the POP an de the original plan was to stop at Winn Dixie and the liquor store on our way. But since we land at around 2 pm in Sanford and have dinner reservations at trails end at 6:20 pm, I told that my DH that we have 45 minutes. He started laughing… what do you think about having Publix delivery at about 4 pm? Other suggestions?

I am pretty sure GG delivers booze.

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Beer and wine

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They do but they don’t have a lot of choices.

I think you have enough time. Let’s say you get your car by 3pm that is 3 hours to drive to the store and get to POP. You can go to Albertsons, Publix’s, Walmart, or Target. Shop for an hour or even use shop at home and pick up at the store. Then drive 30 - 45 min. to POP. You have an hour to check in and get to your room. Then you have about 35 - 40 min. to get to dinner. Or you could always go after dinner.

Target and Walmart also offer free pick up. You place your Order online, drive by the store, pick it up and drive to the hotel. And it’s free!

I would not recommend shopping until after you have your room, unless you’re getting only nonperishable. If you get your room notification, then you’ll know you can bring your things right to the room.
I’ve just had bad luck on the last couple of trips with rooms not being ready by 3 or 4. I had to wait until 7 when we stayed at AKL, and only got into a room then because I insisted we couldn’t wait any more.
So, I’ve waited until the 2nd day of a trip to do any grocery shopping.

If a resort doesn’t have your room ready by 4:00, they should be able to put the groceries in cold storage for you.