Grocery Delivery: Which service to use for fresh produce?

Hello, We want to order groceries to be delivered to AOA for us. We know many people use Instacart or Amazon Now (or Prime? What’s the difference?) instead of Garden Grocer due to pricing.

However, we do want more than snacks. We plan to order some fresh produce to munch on some mornings/nights. We’ll probably order some milk for cereal in the morning as well.

With that in mind, what are our choices? We have used Garden Grocer in the past. Unfortunately, I always wait too long for the best discount. We’re 3.5 weeks away at this point.

Thanks for any help you can give.

We did Safeway ainve we wanted produce too. It was great and much more affordable.

Amazon Prime Now also offers produce and dairy along with everything else. If I remember correctly they let you choose a 2 hour delivery window.

So Safeway did deliver? When I called them last year, they wouldn’t commit to delivering to Disney, saying only that they deliver within 25 miles. And Google Maps had the mileage at around 30.

I used Instacart from Publix last year, and it worked great. The produce was perfect; huge apples. Since you have the full selection of Publix available to you, the inventory was tremendously better than Garden Grocer (not to mention the price). We had milk, refrigerated juice and beer delivered; not just snacks.

I just tested Safeway this morning to the Beach Club and I could get delivery to the resort.

Yes they delivered to POFQ in April and seemed pretty old hat with it.

We use Publix and (at home, not sure about to a resort). Try 34747 for a zip code; that’s the Publix closest to AOA.

I ended up using Instacart; they purchased through Publix. Got lots of texts telling me where the food was at. Got basically what I wanted. Delivered to AoA and left with Bell Services. Price was 30% cheaper than what I would have paid through Garden Grocer. Thanks for the help!

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