Grocery delivery and split stay transfer - have the rules changed?

I am doing a split stay with one night at AoA and the rest of the trip with DVC reservation at Boardwalk. In the past we’ve stayed at AoA and had Instacart delivered to bell services before we arrived on checkin day and picked up from there. My kids have allergies and it is one of the few options to get the goat milk I need. I am finding a bunch of conflicting info on this topic. My questions are:

  • will bell services still accept a delivery at AoA? I have heard that maybe they don’t?
  • will Disney transfer cold groceries to boardwalk for me?
  • if they won’t transfer can I deliver groceries to bell services at Boardwalk the day I check in there?

Yes - ($6 per package delivered to hotel.)

Amazon Prime Now, Instacart -both good - no $6 charge if you pick up from bell services, etc. -all explained here-

Yes bell services will transfer cold items-

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@MeetMeAtThePoly! You have been missed so much! It is so good to “see” you here! I hope you are well!


Hi Principal! Doing well! Great to see you too. Have a great day :blush:

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Thank you @MeetMeAtThePoly! I got confused by this article but I think they mean cold groceries I bring myself?

Sounds like I should be good to do things the way I am used to doing them so all good :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would just do two separate orders to be safe. FWIW, we Uber’d from AoA to Fuddruckers for dinner, grabbed some groceries at the grocery store in the same plaza and Uber’d back. It was about $9 each way including $1 tip. You could even save a few more bucks by using Disney bus to DIsney Springs and Uber’ing from there.

I would have just ordered everything from Amazon Prime Now or Fresh or whatever it’s called but they wouldn’t deliver alcohol without a working phone number and I had a data only roaming plan (we’re Canadian). It’s a justifiable expense compared to $12 beers at the pool bar. Those add up fast.

I’ve had a fridge full of chilled food and frozen stuff transferred between resorts. Ice cream, frozen pizza, fries etc.

They can definitely do that for you in their giant fridges and freezers. They will hold it at Bell Services, they won’t put in straight into your room, just like they won’t do that with luggage.

The only exception to that is if you place a DVC grocery order, which comes from the resort store and they put it away for you before you arrive. And DME for luggage.