Grocery Delivery Advice Please?

We have always shopped at home and shipped our own boxes of non-perishable groceries to WDW for our trips, and used Garden Grocer for perishables and items that can’t be shipped, (like bleach). The shipping charges are becoming outrageous for our boxes, and the resorts are charging exorbitant fees for holding them. We have been very happy with the service from Garden Grocer, but I’ve read some favorable comments about Amazon Prime Now and Instacart. We are curently Amazon Prime members. How is the selection, service, and freshness (produce) of the items compared to Garden Grocer? Will the resorts hold and refrigerate the perishable items like they do for Garden Grocer? Do you physically have to be there when the items are delivered? I am hesitant to change from what has worked so well in the past!

We were loyal Garden Grocer customers for over ten years, but decided to try Prime Now not too long after they launched in Orlando. We’ve never looked back. Prices are often about 30% cheaper, there is a much larger selection and an abundance of delivery slots. We also often “top up” half way through our stay, and have no problem getting delivery the same day.

No issues at all with freshness - we always order both fruit and vegetables and have always been happy.

Delivery works exactly like for Garden Grocer - if you are not there to receive the groceries personally, Bell Services will store them for you. The only time you need to be there to receive it yourself is if the delivery includes alcohol, as the Amazon driver needs to record the details of your ID. This used to be a but hit and miss, but they now seem to enforce it.

Just to add, in case you’re not aware, that Disney now charge a flat $6 fee for Bell Services to deliver the groceries to your room. If they store them, but you take them to the room yourself, there is no fee. The fee is the same regardless of the size of your order.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


HM That’s really interesting! I have my grocery order for Garden Grocer all prepared for our trip in August, but browsing around Prime Now it does seem like prices may be better. So experience has been good with Amazon Now?

Also, with Amazon do you just make your order well ahead of time, and then choose the delivery date like Garden Grocer?

I used Amazon Prime Now for my recent trip. I compiled my shopping list early and waited until I landed at MCO to place my order. The only problem was, leading up to the trip, I kept getting notifications from Amazon that some of the items in my cart were no longer available (out of stock). Fortunately, most of my cart items were restocked in time and were available for delivery when we arrived at our resort. I think Amazon Prime Now is only same-day or day-before order and delivery. I don’t think they allow you to place an order and schedule a delivery way in advance. I may be wrong.

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Our Jan 2020 trip will be our first time staying in a DVC villa, and the first time I’m planning to order groceries. So glad to be reading all of these great tips! Just for testing purposes, I went on Amazon Now and loaded a few things in my cart, and stepped through the first few steps of checkout to enter address, delivery window, etc. It seems pretty straight forward! :smiley:

I’m convincing my family that, especially staying in a villa we don’t HAVE to go to the food court for breakfast EVERY MORNING. I always feel like the morning routine sets us back on getting our day started. :roll_eyes: In the past, unless we had a breakfast ADR (which we will do a couple of), the morning has consisted of: Mom gets up and starts getting ready, then start getting DH and 2xDS (now 18/16) moving, then we finally get out of room and go to resort food court for breakfast, then back to room to brush teeth and get everything together for our day, then finally get headed to the parks at least 2 hours after waking up. I am really hoping to streamline that on the next trip, maybe even make a few RDs, and I think having some breakfast staples in the room will help a lot! :smiley:

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When I just did my brief “test run”, it was offering today and tomorrow 2-hour delivery windows. :slight_smile:

Excellent. I’d never go back, or use anyone else for that matter. For us, one massive advantage is that they also offer so many other thinks than just groceries. When DD was little we’d order a potty for her - we’ve ordered USB C cables to store in the Owners Locker, a Fire TV stick, and DH even included a pair of Crocs in one order halfway through one trip. He had them less than two hours later. :slight_smile:


That’s so good to hear! And being able to also get odds and ends sounds like a great bonus. I think the one thing that makes the crazy planner in me nervous is the fact that you can’t book the delivery ahead of time…:smile: may have to just take the leap of faith lol!

I am leaving for our trip in 7 days and went back and forth on whether to use Garden Grocer or Prime Now. First I filled my shopping cart on both websites with the items I really wanted and compared price. Prime Now was way cheaper, so I assumed I would go with them. However, they didn’t have the sunscreens I wanted and Garden Grocer did. I wanted to order wine for the room for my husband and I and I wasn’t 100% sure I could be there to meet the Prime person. But I decided to just go with Prime and hope for the best. Then I kept getting the notices that things were no longer available in my Prime Order. I’d go back in to my order, search for that exact item, and it was still available, so I added it again. This isn’t a huge deal, except I’m imagining being on the Magical Express, frantically adding the strawberry yogurt that my son has to have and Prime keeps removing it. Then I read a few Prime Now Delivery experiences on this forum (most recently from @koi1217) that weren’t great and just decided to pay a little extra and go with the safe bet of Garden Grocer. That being said, I read a lot of people have good experiences with Prime Now, so it probably just depends on your items, your delivery person and bell services.


all replies so far are spot on. i’ve used garden grocer and had good experiences in spite of higher prices. they were also able to accommodate an item i requested that was not listed on their site. this was very helpful, especially if something specific is needed. you do have to plan ahead.

i’ve since used amazon prime now. as others have mentioned, you can add items to your cart in advance but some come and go. i found it helpful to keep a separate list and check that before i placed my order. i needed to make last minute substitutions or forgo a few items due to unavailability.

amazon prime now required more flexibility but it was far less expensive than garden grocer. i was also able to place my order while boarding my flight. everything from produce to refrigerated items was waiting at bell services on arrival.


We did Garden Grocer in December for groceries and it was great. A little bit pricier than Amazon Prime Now, but worked very well. Later on in the trip we needed to use Prime Now (because we forgot all of DD’s underwear :thinking:) and it was fast and easy as well.