Groceries to Royal Pacific

Does Royal Pacific accept grocery deliveries? Do you use your name and reservation number plus the hotel address on the order? Thanks!

I would call Royal Pacific to inquire about deliveries. I just returned from The Hard Rock Hotel and they did allow this, I ordered Amazon Prime Now and used the a Hard Rock address along with my reservation number. I called the hotel a month prior to our trip and was given the information that it was allowed. At that time there was no mention of a hotel delivery fee, however when we arrived and my stuff was delivered they tried to charge a very crazy fee to deliver it. I was able to get it refunded since apparently it was a new policy that was just implemented recently and I was not told about it when I called originally. Just check with Royal Pacific to be sure there aren’t any surprises.

I’m also thinking about ordering groceries from Amazon Prime to be delivered at Royal Pacific. I called the concierge and this is what they told me: There is a $5.30 holding fee per package. Also if the package is 26-50 lb. there will be a fee of $12.25 plus the holding fee and if the package is less than 25 lb. the fee is $5.86 plus the holding fee. The packages are received through the business center so your package should have Your Name, Business Center at Royal Pacific, 6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando FL, 32819. Also the business center isn’t always open but the front desk when you check in should be able to retrieve it for you.

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Thanks for the info!

So, really, the holding fee is $11.16 per package, and it goes up to $17.55 if the package is 26-50 pounds.

Wow. They really don’t want to have to deal with accepting packages, do they?

Wow - that really stinks. It’s our first time going to Universal - staying at Royal Pacific -and was hoping to get some groceries delivered. At that price per package may not even be worth it.